SES System Releases

Software releases of the State Examination System. The releases are labeled by state, commonwealth, and territory names.

Table 1. SES System ReleasesA summary of SES software releases by date, with associated video tutorials and release notes.
Release Name Release Date Release Notes Release Tutorials and FAQs Resource Updates
Hawaii Release 2024-05-18 PDF


Washington Release 2024-03-04 PDF



Pennsylvania Release 2023-09-25 PDF Video PDF
Maine Release 2023-07-10 PDF Video PDF
Rhode Island Release 2023-04-23 PDF Video PDF
Colorado Release 2023-02-26 PDF Video PDF
Alaska Release 2022-12-05 PDF Recording Not Available PDF
South Carolina Release 2022-09-12 PDF Video PDF
Alabama Release 2022-06-27 PDF Video PDF
Kentucky Release 2022-04-10 PDF Video PDF
Tennessee Release 2022-02-06 PDF

Company Release Tutorial

Agency Release Tutorial

Idaho Release 2021-11-06 PDF Video N/A
Virginia Release 2021-08-21 PDF Video N/A
Ohio Release 2021-06-13 PDF Video N/A
North Carolina Release 2021-03-21 PDF Video N/A
Georgia Release 2021-01-24 PDF Video N/A
Louisiana Release 2020-11-15 PDF Video N/A
SES Consumer Complaints 2020-09-28 PDF Video N/A
Connecticut Release 2020-09-19 PDF Video N/A
New Hampshire Release 2020-08-05 PDF Video N/A
Kansas Release 2020-05-09 PDF Video N/A
Vermont Release 2020-03-16 PDF Video N/A