SES Examinations and Investigations Resources for Companies

Responding to examinations and investigations in State Examination System (SES).

Thank you for your interest in the State Examination System (SES). SES is a one-stop-shop for the financial services companies that brings a company’s entire engagement with state regulators onto a single platform, which in turn brings efficiencies to state supervision.

For a company to get access to SES to handle a consumer complaint or manage a state examination in the System, a state regulatory agency must first send a system enrollment request to the company. Unless a company receives a specific request from a state agency to enroll in SES, the company does not need to take action or complete any steps at this time.

Below is a set of resources available to companies to learn more about using SES to participate in examinations and investigations.

Fastpath: Check out the SES Workflows by SES Training (Exams and Complaints) to see videos explaining the full process for conducting exams and complaints in SES from both the agency and company perspective.

Other resources: