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About SES and Onboarding Agencies and Companies
A Tour of SES
A video overview of the State Examination System.
SES Quick Start Guide for Companies
The State Examination System (SES) is a one-stop-shop for financial services industry supervision that brings an agency’s entire engagement with companies onto a single platform, which in turn brings efficiencies to state supervision.
Agency Guide to Getting Started with the State Examination System (SES)
This guide provides information about adopting SES for your agency, onboarding your agency to the system, adoption timelines, SES training options, and SES Consumer Complaints,
Company Guide to Getting Started with the State Examination System (SES)
Certain state agencies have begun conducting examinations through a new supervision platform known as the State Examination System (SES).
User and record management, agency profiles, and staffing activity reports.
Managing Agency User Accounts
Creating and managing user accounts, tracking user activity and workload, and managing the agency profile.
Managing Company Users
Create, remove, and administer users for your company, including third-party uers.
Supervisory activities are used for examining and investigating companies.
SES Examinations and Investigations Resources for Agencies
How to initiate and manage examinations and investigations of supervised companies.
SES Examinations and Investigations Resources for Companies
Responding to examinations and investigations in State Examination System (SES).
Capturing Communications Between Agency and Company
The Interactions page serves as a place where communication between the agency and company is captured. This includes emails, phone calls, meetings, physical mail and other miscellaneous forms of communication specific to the supervisory activity.
SES Supervisory Activity Reports
SES has several reports that allow you to view staff workload, plan assignments, identify supervisory activities with no examiners assigned, and view the progress or status of supervisory activites and responses to information requests.
Recording and resolving consumer complaints against companies.
SES Consumer Complaints Resources for Agencies
Managing and processing consumer complaints in SES.
SES Consumer Complaints Resources for Companies
Responding to consumer complaints related inquiries.
SES Consumer Complaints Reports
SES has several reports that allow you to view the status and work activity for consumer complaints.
Reference documents and information about the State Examination System.
SES Policies
State Examination System Policy Guide
SES System Releases
Software releases of the State Examination System. The releases are labeled by state, commonwealth, and territory names.
SES Terms of Use
Terms of use for the State Examination System, for agency and company users.
Supporting documents and forms available for download.
How an Investigation is Different from an Exam
An Investigation and an Examination are types of Supervisory Activity. This topic lists the key ways that investigations differ from examinations.
Areas For Review
Details about Areas for Review
Complaints Reference
More information about complaints.
SES SA Analytics User Guide
How to use the SA Analytics tool for SES.
Frequently Asked Questions
SES Event Recordings
Links to recordings of SES events, meetings, calls, and workshops.
Technical Information
Email notifications and handling, technical requirements, etc.
SES Glossary
Terms and phrases used in the State Examination System and their definitions.
Reach out to CSBS Call Center Support, Agency Community Bulletin Board, and CSBS email contacts with your questions or feedback. Hours of operation and support, and link to Agency Support Cases are included.
State Examination System (SES) Hours of Operation
The hours of availability for the SES system.